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The Catalyst

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  • Head Office LPM Equator
    Jl. Raya Sindang Barang No.197 Bogor - Indonesia - 16117
  • admin@lpmequator.com
  • +62-251-8328-902
  • Mon to Sat - 9:00 to 5:00
    (Sunday Closed)

The Catalist

We have a strategy to accelerate the community development process

Our Features:

The right way

We open a bright path so that people can be empowered.

Business Growth

We ensure fast and precise business growth

Benefits With Our Service:

LPM Equator always provides perfect service. From completely zero to your Community can be empowered. We always give everything measurable and you can definitely make it happen with us.

Frequently asked question:

With LPM Equator, your satisfaction is guaranteed! If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, just contact us. And we are always there for you.
You can click the Contact Us button on the top menu.

Or visit our office at:

Jl. Raya Sindang Barang No.197
Bogor - Indonesia - 16117
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