To become a well-established community development foundation with strong specialization in aspect of facilitation, education, technical assistance, and representation in Community empowerment efforts.


  1. To facilitate community development process.
  2. To establish awareness, improve knowledge and community skill in line with their potency and environment.
  3. To strengthen bargaining position of the community with third party in regarding to their empowerment.

forum sip

  • Training Of Trainers
    Training Of Trainers

    In Order To Grow Develop Agriculture Group

  • Reception program IFAD
    Reception program IFAD

    Arrival reception over the Village Community Support Team Implementation of IFAD, In Ds.Oyom Lampiso district, Tolitoli

  • Clanting Casuarina
    Clanting Casuarina

    fir planted (2010) at putri hijau-Bengkulu 

  • Clanting Casuarina = Putri Hijau
    Clanting Casuarina = Putri Hijau

    fir planted at putri hijau-Bengkulu (2010)

  • Biogas of Bengkulu
    Biogas of Bengkulu

    Examples of biogas in the district lais, Bengkulu

  • Program R.E.A.D - IFAD
    Program R.E.A.D - IFAD

    Agricultural economic growth activities in Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Potential Livestock North Tolitoli
    Potential Livestock North Tolitoli

    READ program, potential Ranch is still very likely be developed; pet farm which is only allowed to roam

  •  Rice Fields Tende village and Sabang
    Rice Fields Tende village and Sabang

    Program R.E.A.D Tolitoli - Sulawesi Tengah

  • Cocoa Nursury
    Cocoa Nursury

    Program IFAD,(Cocoa Devlopment Center Desa Kongkomos kecamatan Basidondo Kabupaten ToliToli)

  • Coconut Plant
    Coconut Plant

    READ program, commodities are a mainstay of the oldest communities in all villages Tolitoli

  • Meeting in the Lpm Equator Office
    Meeting in the Lpm Equator Office
  • program R.E.A.D
    program R.E.A.D

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all Development Types Are Aimed To Achieve Community Welfare Both In Rural And urban Communities. Communities As Development Target Shall Not Be Only As An object; Instead Of It Shall Be As A Development Subject. As A Development Subject Aswell As An Object Of Development, Communities Should Have Awareness And capability To Observe, Analysis, Prosperities.

considering These, Community Development Foundation [lembaga Pengembangan masyarakat] (lpm) Equator Shall Involve In The Process Of Community empowerment In All Aspects, Together With Government And Other Social organizations.

community Development Foundation [lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat] (lpm) Equator Was Created On January, 5th 1999. It Consist Of People Who Having awareness And Spirit To Develop And Empower The Community, Both In Rural And urban Communities.


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